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Undergraduate Research

Gary Rubendall, Sergio Chacon and Mequanint Moges, “Project-Based Learning in Telecommunications”

The project proposal or design phase of a telecommunication system using any combination of T1, T3 or SONET networks that connects five cities with a combined distance of 2766 miles and 800 total users using a ring format OC-3 carrier system that interconnects the branches of a fictitious company. Every city is to have a PBX system and telephones based on PSTN to support the users and calling features.

Sergio Chacon (Lab Manager), Aslihan Ozkaya (graduate), Heather Blevins and Noe Nevarez, “Installation of a secure Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) System using Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)”

A VoIP system will be installed in three campus locations with 20, 16 and 2 users respectively, using SIP. Various security strategy will be demonstrated utilizing TLS to secure SIP messages, SSL certificates to secure communication between the user agents, and VPN/IPSec tunnel between two locations.

Sergio Chacon (Lab Manager), Phong Le and Hung Tran, “Configuration and Implementation of a RADIUS server with MySQL support in the UH COT Network”

A RADIUS server will be configured for use in the University of Houston College of Technology Telecommunications Network. This server will make use of a MySQL database to authenticate users, keep accounting records, and determine user profiles and roles.

Sergio Chacon (Lab Manager), Noe Nevarez and Edward, “Configuration of UH COT Telecommunications Network using eBGP and OSPF”

The configuration of the UH COT Telecommunications Network will be demonstrated using exterior BGP for the core routers and OSPF in the distribution routers. This configuration includes the connectivity of the telecommunications network to the Texas Learning Center (TLC2) and to local and international research fiber optic backbones.